Ricardo Cedeño Montaña, Amina Grunewald, Marı́a del Rosario Restrepo, Fabian Scholtz, Anja Sommer | Berlin, Germany | 2012



Diagonal plays with horizontal and vertical video projections on a diagonal screen. It contradicts our usual experience of watching video, which consists of a horizontal sight and a vertical screen. In this installation our perception of the video image is changed through a diagonal screen. The screen is composed by two diagonal planes that are floating in the room separated from any wall. Two video projections are used: one horizontal and one vertical. Both are overlayed on one single screen. The squared room is disturbed by the presence of the screen, which no longer is a frontal and flat vertical surface but a three-dimensional object that can be surrounded by the visitors. On the screen, four videos are projected. They were recorded in strictly horizontal and vertical camera positions and movements. As the visitors walk through the room and look at the video screen from different angles, the video image reveals different mixes of the horizontal and vertical recordings. The unusual manner to perceive these videos disorients the visitor by changing a familiar experience into an unexpected event.

Video documentation. 18th Sep 2012. Berlin, Germany